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Parasail Safety

If there was a Punta Cana bucket list, parasailing is definitely on it. When else can you hang by a parachute a couple feet up in the air, while being towed by a boat over the ocean. You want to know where you can sign up, right? If you’re a little hesitant to sign up, we get it, but trust us, it looks scarier than it actually is. In fact most people say that their time in the air is one of the most peaceful and serene experiences they’ve had.

Parasailing looks pretty awesome, but what most people want to know is… is Parasailing safe?

The overall answer is by and far, yes. But, as with most recreational activities, there is some risk involved, that’s what makes them so exciting. But these risk are mitigated with special attention to safety.

Parasailing has actually been around since 1962, that’s almost 55 years! Throughout the history of parasailing there have of course been accidents, and even deaths. Yet the accidents are only a fraction of the number of successful flights that occur all around the world in different tourist destinations. Thousands of Punta Cana tourists fly each year without a hitch, and it’s our goal to keep it that way.

Most accidents tend to occur when the proper safety standards are not respected or upheld. The operating standards and guidelines for parasailing we set out in 1985, and since then they have been continually developed to ensure that parasailing continues to evolve as a safe activity.

But just to ease your mind, and make your mom relax, here are some of the safety precautions we take:

Daily visual inspections

Salty water, sun, and just overall use can all take a toll on equipment. We make sure to visually inspect our equipment daily to ensure that all of our equipment is in the best shape for you flight.

Life- jackets

Despite the fact that both the launch and landing are dry, our clients wear life vests as an extra precaution.

High Quality Equipment

We only used approved parasail canopies, that are regularly inspected to make sure that they are in great condition. The lines are

Latest technology

Use of the parasail winch method - in some countries you can parasail and have a beach landing, this is a very, very dangerous method of parasailing. The winch boat method is considered the safest method of parasailing, as it allows for more control in launching and reeling clients back on.

Knowledgeable, and well trained staff

We have one of the best trained parasailing staff in Punta Cana, all trained in using the equipment safely and providing you the best service possible.

Weather checks

One of the most important elements to a safe and successful flight is having the right weather conditions

These precautions are what have allowed us to have a clean flying record, all the years we’ve been in business. We know that trying something new is always scary, but trust us, you’re in good hands.

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