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Everything You Need To Know About Parasailing

Parasailing is a great experience for anyone looking for some excitement on their Punta Cana vacation. It’s great for the whole family; you put the smallest amount of effort for the greatest pay off. Still not convinced that parasailing is for you? Here are some questions that people frequently ask, maybe they will do the convincing.

1. Will I get wet?

Not if you don’t want to! Our parasailing uses what is called a dry landing, so you take off and land on the same spot - on the boat. There is no need to get in the water, unless that’s what you want, then you could ask the captain for a splashdown, this is where your feet touch the water before you’re reeled in.

2. Is it safe?

Just like with anything we do in life, from riding in cars or crossing the street, there is some risk involved. Overall parasailing is a safe and fun activity to do, when all of the safety precautions are observed. Using the correct equipment, observing the weather patterns, and having a well trained staff all contribute to creating the safest and most enjoyable experience.

3. How long is the excursion?

In total the excursion is about 2 hours long, this include pick -up and drop-off from your hotel. Once on the boat, each parasailer will have their turn to fly. The actual flight up in the air is around 10 min long. While that doesn’t seem like long, up in the air there is a quite and a peace that makes 10 min seem like forever.

4. What if the weather is bad?

Good weather conditions are everything for parasailing. The safety and security of our clients always comes first. This is why we are always paying attention to the weather forecasts and the wind speeds. If the weather is not ideal for flying, we will contact you to let you know. At this point we can try to reschedule or if there is no way to reschedule, we will refund your excursion. Again, your safety and satisfaction is what is important to us.

5. How many people can parasail at the same time?

If you’re feeling a little nervous, or just want the chance to share this great experience with someone else, you totally can! We offer single flights, where you fly solo, or we offer a tandem flight, where two people can fly together. Either way we’ll think you’ll have a great time, whether tandem or solo is better is really a matter of personal preference.

6. Do I have to steer the parasail?

While up in the air, your only job is to sit back and have a great time! There is no steering, pulling, releasing, nothing. Literally you just sit back and enjoy! The crew down in the boat will do all the steering and pulling for you, so really it’s not hard to get it right.

7. What kind of experience or skills do I need to have?

The really great thing about parasailing is that you don’t need any special skills or experience to do it. If you know how to stand up, sit down, and follow basic instructions than you are covered! This is an activity that you can do if you are in the best shape of your life or if your diet starts tomorrow. Really parasailing has very little prerequisites, unless you are afraid of heights.

8. Is there a weight limit?

Despite there being little restrictions and fairly easy, there is a weight restriction. The minimum weight for an individual flyer is 110 lbs, the maximum weight limit is 550 lbs. This is the total per flight, so if there are two fliers this is the maximum combined weight limit.

9. What if I don’t know how to swim?

Don’t know how to swim? No problem, you don’t even have to get wet on this excursion. Despite flying over the ocean both the take off and landing all take place on the boat. In the very rare event that something occurs where you are in the water, all of our client wear mandatory life vests and you will be picked up by one of our other vessels. So there is no need to know how to swim.

We hope by answering these questions we’ve put out any doubt in your mind about parasailing and have helped you see just how cool it really is. Let us know if there are any questions we haven’t answered.

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