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Happy Face Parasail

7 Fun Facts About Parasailing

How much do you really know about parasailing? While there is much to learn and know, there is one fact you must know right off the bat.. That parasailing is awesome! Some have even said that it’s one of the best things that they have experienced in Punta Cana. If you can’t get enough of parasailing facts, we’ve collected 7 more fun facts that we bet you read more...

Punta Cana Parasail

Parasailing - Who's Idea Was This Anyways?

You’re lifted high into the sky with a parachute called a parasail, while being towed through the water by a boat, with the sole purpose of having a little fun. While colorful parasails in the sky are common on the Punta Cana and Bavaro coast, we wondered, just who came up with this wild idea? Well, wonder no more, because what we have here is a brief history of how parasailing came to be. read more...

Solo Parasail

Everything You Need to Know About Parasailing

Parasailing is a great experience for anyone looking for some excitement on their Punta Cana vacation. It’s great for the whole family; you put the smallest amount of effort for the greatest pay off. Still not convinced that parasailing is for you? Here are some questions that people frequently ask, maybe they will do the convincing. read more...

Tandem Parasail

Parasailing, Is It SAFE?

If you’re a little hesitant to sign up, we get it, but trust us, it looks scarier than it actually is. In fact most people say that their time in the air is one of the most peaceful and serene experiences they’ve had. Parasailing looks pretty awesome, but what most people want to know is… is Parasailing safe? read more...

Tiny Parasail

You're Gonna Fly So High

We would bet good money, that you’ve wondered what it would be like to fly. Up high above the ground, soaring through the air, and even better if the scenery below looks like something straight out of a postcard. Lucky for you, you don’t have to dream about it anymore, because we are making dreams come true. read more...


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